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Salt technique in watercolor

I will be on my way to Italy early Saturday morning, my cat comfortably relaxing in the company of our housesitter, the studio empty for two weeks while I explore 'new to me' corners of Italy. I know I will be collecting reference photos and sketches by the ton and will be sharing my discoveries and creations on facebook and Instagram as well as here on the blog. This weekends post may, however be a bit delayed as I will have just left, so I decided to share my salt technique experiments that I have mentioned in the meantime.

I tries two groups of colours: Normal and metallic. All of the metallics where a part of the gold palette I tested recently.

Group one:

Here is a close up of one of the turquise colors which I love using for water.

Group two:

I left them to dry completely.

I was not impressed with the metallic colours as the effects of the salt were barely noticable. The normal pigments reacted better although only one reacted really well and that was the prussian b…

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