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Dove of Peace- Step by Step Process

    It has been ages since I posted and so  much has happened. I changed my courses to online over the various lock downs and social distancing periods and with doing so much online I found that I was overwhelmed with screen time. Thus I decided to give all of you a break as well. Now I have so many things to share that I think I will have several posts to write in the near future. Here in Graz the weather has been constantly changing. The temperature is steadily climbing, interspersed with bouts of rain, snow and fog, resulting in a wonderful feeling of spring. The days are getting longer as well. A bonus for urban sketching and working by daylight generally.        We are in the pre Easter week long school break which has given me a bit of time to work in the office. And I have been busy posting workshop dates, urban sketching meet ups, and scanning sketchbooks created over the past two years.  But enough catching up, lets get down to the subject of today's post. One of the thing

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