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A tree grows in Eggenberg

  It has been a while since I posted and an entire month (!) since I finished this tree. Funny how quickly time passes when you are busy. Just before the beginning of the school year I spent a few hours each morning in the park of Schloss Eggenberg. There are quite a few ancient trees, and several that while not ancient aren't exactly young either. I anticipated being able to draw on every day or two for a week but the rendering ended up taking significantly longer than I expected. I managed one.     I was able to block in the shapes fairly quickly- this is the end of the first day:   Spent a while on the base of the trunk where there has been some insect infestation: Once the base was more or less defines I started working my way upward, taking the branches and arms of the tree in turn:   Finally got the right branches defined: And then to final details: I hope you enjoyed watching the drawing develop. I matted it and gave it to my husband, who is rather fond of trees, as a birthd

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