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Photo tour of the US Botanical Garden

I took around 1000 pictures over three days in Washington DC, documenting so many museums, landmarks and of course the wedding itself. Needless to say, I brought back a lot of information. I am planning on sharing photo tours of a few of the places I had the opportunity to visit. And where better to start than the US botanical gardens. My must see locations were the museum of the American Indian, the Natural History Museum, The National Gallery and the Botanical Gardens, and I saw them all!

   The botanical garden is a part of the grounds of the US capital. The swampland where it stands was designated toward a botanical garden in 1821, and after being leveled, drained, malarial mosquitos removed, and cultivated as a garden with paths and a fountain, was finally brought into its current form in about 1850 when greenhouses were added. Under the presidency of John Quincy Adams, it was publicized that the US was interested in acquiring any unknown plant which might be able to survive …

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