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My first business trip- Attending the Prague Aquarius Sketchfest

   Leading Urban Sketchers Graz these past few years has been both a delight and a challenge. I love how after the pandemic slump it is growing again. I enjoy the spontaneity of meeting up with other creative people to sketch and 'discover' our city together. And I enjoy polishing up my sketching skills, finding interesting ways to use my sketchbook to bring more creativity into my studio practice. The challenge has come from the fact that although I am connected to many Urban Sketching Chapters online I have only once attended a meet up where I was simply the guest.  This one time, the sketchcrawl I attended in  Paris , lent me so much inspiration and really helped me think of ideas to make our meetups both more interesting and pleasant. It gave me little ideas about the regular meetups that we have weekly or bimonthly.     Urban Sketchers Prague is one of the larger Chapters in our section on Europe, and seeing that they were planning to host a sketch fest spanning 10 days I

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