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The difference between Botanical Illustration and botanical art

For some reason, botanical art has made a big come back in the last few years. But with a fresh kick. The delicate pastel roses of the late eighties, early nineties have been replaced by the vibrant colors of exotic plants or the deep greens of jungle-like houseplants. When Ikea picks up a style it seems it has really made it. With botanical illustration, motives come other scientific illustrations, old charts, vintage school poster reproductions, and animal and plant art. It recently came to my attention that the term botanical illustration, botanicals, and botanical art, have been being used more or less interchangeably. You may ask why anyone should care. And although it is always nice to use the proper names of things and be specific about what is being discussed, the reason for making a distinction is more weighty than grammatical accuracy. So without further ado here are a few of the differences:

  Purpose:    While any of the above names describe illustrations that would be ni…

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