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Flaming skies

The summer of 1815  there was no summer, winter passed into a period of cold from which even in Europe it snowed, and passed again back into winter. No birds sang, the sky was dark, streaked with red, and the sun did not shine strongly enough to create warmth. This was the year the Tambora volcano erupted in Indonesia, creating a blanket of ash so thick that it literally blocked out the sun. It was also the year that Turner painted his now famous, almost fantastic red sunsets.

  Cotton candy pink, periwinkle blue- Coral, the Pantone color for 2019. The skies have been spectacular this past week. The glow cast by the rose tones bathes the buildings in a light that changes them, making them appear freshly painted in softer colors. And then just before the sun sets it blazes in the most brilliant of corals and yellows.

  This brightness reminds me of the colors we saw at my brother in law's house last Christmas. His family has a home which has that rare quality of combining the m…

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