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The Soft Lockdown in Sketches- a flipthrough

Autumn leaves are falling and the air is getting colder. As most of you know the soft lockdown has become a regular one. In last weeks post I shared my prelockdown sketchbook pages and today I thought I would share the ones created during the soft lockdown. I am nearing the end of the sketchbook and the next post in this series may finish it out.   The children carved a jack-o-lantern for halloween. We enjoyed using it as a lantern on the mantle. The page to the right commemorates the tragic attack on the day before the lockdown began.    Schools are still open so we made sure that we had enough cloth masks. The ink pads also arrived for comparison and testing for the upcoming Workshop boxes . I was able to choose and make my order.           An effective immunization has been found and named. Today's news was indeed something to remember. I have included a sample dose in the sketchbook. The counting of the election in the US has also been on many peoples mind this past week or two

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